Applications: Panel nesting with high feed rate and small tool diameter. Improved dust conveying design. Due to highly demanding engineering, extra care must be taken when selecting the thickness of the panel when using these tools. Machines: CNC Routers. Materials: Chipboard, MDF and plywood panels with or without veneer. Technical Features: Z3 or Z2 configuration. Low vibration heavy duty body delivering higher rigidity allowing smaller tool Diameter and so reducing scrap on panels. Polished PCD tips with mostly positive shear angle and split cut. Tool can work very close to clamping, improving dust conveying. Excellent both on panel and on finishing. PCD plunge cut. Ground shank with J6 tolerance for assembling on Hydro’s, Tribos or Heat Shrink tool holders. Re-sharpening: up to 3 times
Drill milling
Eccentric holes
External milling roughing and finishing
Drawings and Specs Chart

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