Making highly-durable tools that enhance machining quality.
Mirko e Marika Schiavon

Forty years old specialists in PCD diamond tools

Schiavon has been working since 1976 in the PCD tooling sector for woodworking, plastics and aluminum. In the industrial and manufacturing industry, knowledge of processes and technology are key factors in achieving market goals and after forty years of experience, Schiavon knows them thoroughly. During our long history in providing a unique and high-quality product, we have continuously been building an in-depth know-how of the production realities where we operate daily. We therefore supply highly performing innovative solutions meeting your needs in a new way, that will allow you get the results you want.

Highest precision for top notch performance

Experience, skill, proven technical knowledge, precision and continuous research enable Schiavon to offer its Customers unique solutions for every work and material in many different applications. We respond to each and any specific needs with the UNIKA program, providing customized tools for end user to achieve precise growth targets on the market. Method, commitment, passion and technology are part of our professional approach to ensure excellent and cost effective quality standards.

High production standards

Experience and technical know-how merge into Schiavon's production efficiency and innovative spirit to meet market demand promptly and precisely. In the new plant in Treviso, all tools are engineered and produced on latest machines, using only top quality steel and bespoken E6 PCD. We heartily believe that accuracy, maximum attention and quality control must always be the key features of entire production process: starting from design, choice of materials, down to turning, milling, profiling and sharpening of PCD. Constant focus on method, commitment and technological development is the only way for us to supply end-users with products delivering a guarantee of high standards.

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