Thanks to the use of Vollmer’s latest generation of sharpening machines, Schiavon offers its customers an excellent re-sharpening service with fast and reliable execution times, guaranteeing superior quality results and unchanged tool life performance.


Many damaged tools can be regenerated thanks to Schiavon’s multi-year experience.
After careful technical evaluation, the customer receives an offer on how repair can be done, with any possible variant, cost and required time.
After the operation, renewed tool can be normally used and same parameters as new one, can be expected.


Often production requirements change, and customer has tools that can no longer be used as they are.
After a technical analysis of such tools, Schiavon is able to offer technical and cost-effective solutions for modifying existing tooling, existing profiles or replacing parts of tool set.
In this way, Schiavon can assist the customer in reducing production costs.

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